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Collective Worship

Together, we love, learn and grow with God

Our Core Christian Values

The school has close links with St Edmund’s Church. Major festivals are celebrated in Church and parents and friends are always welcome to join the staff and children.


Right to withdraw

It is possible for parents to withdraw children from Collective Worship. This is a Church School and it is hoped that parents will appreciate and respect the ethos of the school.

'Thy Kingdom Come'


Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost.

Rev Anna started our events with a morning of creative and reflective Prayer stations including the children making prayer bracelets. Later in the week we  made a Prayer Pillar which developed into a

 Prayer Tent. The children have each written a prayer, thinking carefully about a different part of the Lord’s Prayer.

White – God is holy, we praise God

Blue – we pray for peace and love in the world

Green – thanking God for what he gives us and asking him to help those who need help or comfort

Red – we say sorry for things we have done and ask for strength to forgive others

Yellow – we ask God for his help to do the right things

Purple – we trust in God and have hope in him.

A time to reflect,pray or simply be.


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Prayer Ribbons

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the Holy Spirit and Pentecost,

Thank you for the world you made and the kind people you put in it.

Thank you for your own son, Jesus and the difference he makes to our lives.

Thank you for the guidance you give in everything we do.


Lord, please help us to remember the attacks, not just in Manchester, France and London but everywhere.

Help us to realise that these attacks are from big bullies

And we can, together defeat them with your love.


Let us put aside our differences in our time of need.

Let us try to amend the damage done and show we care about others as you care about us.


Let us think about those who have lost their lives and remember them.

Thank you God for all the helpers in the world.



Alicia Year 6


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