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Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club opens at 07:45am each day, Monday to Friday, during term time.


The club operates on school premises, providing a safe and caring environment along with a nutritious breakfast so that every child can have the very best start to their day.


Breakfast Club places are available on the day, although a registration form must be completed before any child can begin to attend. These are available from the school office, or from the Breakfast Club staff.


All fees are payable before the child attends the club, either at the beginning of term, beginning of the week or on the day.


If you arrive between:

07:45am & 08:00am – the charge payable is £3.50 including breakfast

08:00am & 08:15am – the charge payable is £2.50 including breakfast

08:15am & 08:30am – the charge payable is £1.50. However, if you require breakfast, the cost is £2.50.


We also welcome childcare vouchers, which are available through some employers. Payment terms must be agreed with the main school office prior to attending.