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Spring 1 2018

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Brackenhurst - Chinese New Year February 2018

Happy New Year! 

Welcome back to another exciting and busy half term.

This half term we will continue to build on the children's own areas of interest as well as introduce them to new areas of learning.

We will begin by exploring the topic of Winter.  This topic will stimulate children's curiosity, knowledge and imagination as we explore seasonal changes, learn about Polar animals and carry out ice investigations.    

During the half term, our topic is 'Will you read me a story?' We will share our own favourite traditional stories and develop a greater knowledge of our focus texts, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Gingerbread Man.  We will continue to focus on 'Talk for Writing' and how being able to retell a story through words and actions can enhance and develop our story writing.   

Towards the end of the 6 weeks we will be learning about Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year.


On the 1st February, we will be visiting Brackenhurst Environmental Education Centre to further develop our understanding of Chinese New Year and take part in a Dragon Dance and also to enhance our retelling of traditional stories.


Our P.E sessions continue to be on a Wednesday and this time our focus is Indoor Games.  


Autumn 2 - Journeys


Welcome Back, we hope you had a fantastic fun filled ½ term break.


This half term we will be continuing our learning through our topic called ‘Journeys’. We will be exploring different modes of travel and journeys.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Our Circe Time activities will focus on ‘Getting on and falling out’ and ‘Say no to bullying’. Anti-Bullying week begins 13th of November when we will be celebrating being unique - ‘All Different, All Equal’


Communication and Language: We enjoy retelling stories – this term we will initially be focusing on The Train Ride by June Crebbin and Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We enjoy sharing our experiences with one another during our discussions.


Physical Development: We have had great fun learning Dough Disco moves and we will continue to expand our repertoire and build on the moves to strengthen our fingers to supporting how we hold writing materials.

To help develop our coordination skills we enjoy Go Noodle and Tumble Tots Activities.

All the children have a helmet in school and can now enjoy our range of bikes to develop spatial awareness, balance and control. We love the balance bikes – check out our photos!

PE sessions take place on Wednesdays and this half term our focus is Gymnastics and Dance.

We are focusing on writing our name and forming Phase 2 letter sounds correctly.


Literacy – In phonics we will continue to learn Phase 2 letter sounds and how to blend and segment using these sounds. We are beginning to read labels and captions.

All children have a weekly Guided Reading session and this is recorded in their reading diaries.

Please continue to record when your child reads in their reading diary to work towards a Gold, Silver or Bronze reading certificate.

We will continue to mark make using different media.


Mathematics - Over the half term we will be working on securing our number recognition of numerals 1-5 and extending up to 10. We will continue to order these numbers and say 1 more and 1 less than a number. During the term we will progress to simple addition and subtraction thorough practical activities. We will name and describe simple 2D shapes and learn the names of familiar 3D shapes. We will learn about money when we visit our Train Station Coffee shop in class.


Understanding the World – We will be looking at how Christians celebrate Christmas and look at our own Christmas traditions.

In ICT, we will be using the IPad to support our learning in Mathematics and using programmable toys in our topic work.


Expressive Arts and Design – We will enjoy role play activities linked to our focused stories starting with a Train Station!  We will be making spells and potions in our outside mud kitchen linked to our story Room on the Broom.





We will be very busy learning songs for our Christmas Production ‘It’s a baby!’

Performances are on Wednesday 6th December (during the day) and an evening performance on Thursday 7th December we look forward to seeing you in the audience.

During our visit to Perlethorpe (Wednesday 13th December)  we will be creating Christmas crafts using natural materials and retelling the Christmas Story.


Perlethorpe - Bethlehem Experience December 2017

Welcome to Class Oak 2017/18





We hope that you have all had a lovely summer and are ready to begin your learning journey in Class Oak.


In the first few weeks our topic is called Marvellous Me. We will be finding out about each other’s interests and talking about our families. Please remember to bring in your holiday memory bag to share with your friends and your ‘All about me' book.


We will be finding out what we know in Literacy and Mathematics with activities related to Marvellous Me. Some of the stories that we will enjoy reading include, Kippers Birthday, the Large Family stories and discovering the Oxford Reading Tree family in preparation for reading books.

We will learn how to use our indoor and outdoor learning areas and follow class and school expectations, to ensure we have a happy learning environment.


On Tuesday 12th September at 5pm, we would like to invite all parents and carers to a Phonics and Handwriting meeting. We will discuss how reading and writing is taught in Class Oak, so that you can support and encourage your child at home.

Reception Information Sheet

Welcome back to Summer Term 2 2017

This half term our topic is 'What is a reflection?

What is a reflection?

Throughout our topic we will be exploring questions such as 'Why can I see myself in a puddle?' , 'Are a butterfly's wings the same?' and 'What is a reflection?'

In the first week we will be observing children's interests and finding out what they already know about reflections. The children will be introduced to the following interests: reflections, mirrors, photography, symmetry and portraits.

Summer Term 1 2017

Summer Term 1 2017 1

Why do ladybirds have spots?’


Throughout our topic we will be exploring questions such as ‘why do ladybirds have spots?’ and ‘why do spiders spin webs?’

In the first week, we will be observing children’s interests and finding out what they already know about minibeasts.  The children will be introduced to the following interests: minibeasts in the local environment, similarities and differences, growth and change, patterns and colour and plants and flowers.  We will be developing our class minibeast garden to support our learning.


We will be continuing to focus on ‘Talk for writing’ this half term and how being able to retell a story through words and actions can enhance and develop our story writing. The children’s learning will be developed through the stories of The Bad Tempered Ladybird, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and What the ladybird heard.


Year 1 children will also be learning about the water cycle in their science sessions.


P.E continues to be on a Wednesday morning and our focus is Outdoor games. We will be working cooperatively to play small team games as well as developing our moving and handling skills with rackets and balls, and developing our spatial awareness in running and chasing games.





Remember to try and read as many times as possible each week and please ensure you sign the home school reading diary each time. Each half term we count the number of reads for each child. Gold, silver and bronze reading certificates are awarded at the end of each half term as part of the reading challenge.

Year One homework

 Home work for Year one children will continue to be set weekly so please can children bring in their red homework folders on a Wednesday. Homework tasks this half term will be weekly spellings and maths. Maths will alternate between a sheet and Mathletics activities online.

High Frequency Word Lists - Year R are currently working on being able to read Phase 3 and 4 words and spell phase 2 and 3 words.

Spring Term 2 2017

Welcome back to the new spring Term.

We hope you have all had a good break and are ready for another exciting topic!

This half term our topic is 'Will you read me a story?'


Fairytales and Spring celebrations

Fairytales and Spring celebrations 1
Fairytales and Spring celebrations 2
Fairytales and Spring celebrations 3

What did Jack find at the top of the beanstalk? Will Cinderella get to go to the ball? Which is your favourite fairy tale? Which fairy tale character would you like to be?

We will explore these questions and more in this magical project about fairy tales, goodies and baddies!

The children will be introduced to the following interests and areas of learning. These will include

  • fairy tales
  • goodies and baddies
  • homes and castles
  • magic and fantasy
  • writing and telling stories

We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas filled with lots of fun. Happy New Year and welcome back.

This term we will continue to explore the season of Winter which we looked at briefly before the festive break.

We will be helping Teasel write a very important book for Bramble and the other sleeping creatures to describe the wonderful winter wonderland.



We will explore the winter weather and look at the similarities and differences between the current season and that of Autumn. We will create winter landscapes using different media and materials. We will look at snow, ice and frost and look at freezing and melting. We will also explore how animals such as polar bears, penguins, seals and birds have adapted to live in colder climates and how they survive during the cold weather.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We will then move on to explore - What happens when we fall asleep? We will investigate:


Why are there stars in the sky at night?

Does everyone go to bed at the same time?


We will answer these questions and more as the children’s interests and curiosity guides us through our topic. As a starting point we will investigate:


Bedtime routines

The moon and stars

Nocturnal animals

People who work at night

The importance of sleep and rest.

Reading, Sight words and Spellings.


Please continue to read with your child at home as this makes a huge difference, please also continue to practise sight words with your child. Please send your child’s word packets into school with their reading diaries so your child can change their reading book daily and we can update their sight words regularly. If your child can read their sight words then they could learn how to spell them.


Year 1 will receive maths homework (on Mathletics or given as sheets in the homework folder) and spellings each week on a Wednesday. Spelling tests will also be completed in school on a Thursday using the previous week’s spellings your child’s score will be recorded in their reading diary on a Friday.

During this next term we will be exploring the Season of Autumn.  

Why do leaves change colour? Why do squirrels hide their nuts? Why do animals hibernate?

We will answer these questions and more as we investigate and find out about the colourful season of Autumn and the lives of woodland animals.




We will then move on to prepare for Christmas, writing letters to Father Christmas, making decorations and cards and learning about the Birth of Jesus.




Autumn 1 - Marvellous Me!


This half term we will be settling into full time school and new routines. We will be exploring our new learning environment and getting to know each other, we will be learning about our feelings, about our bodies and exploring our senses.  The children will drive our topic through their own fascinations and ideas as well as being introduced to the following: 


How many fingers and How many toes? 

Exploring different letter sounds - My name begins with ....

Self Portraits

Action Songs

How I have changed - Look at me and what I can do







Transition into Class Oak September 2016 Booklet

Traditional Stories - Retelling Stories

Outdoor Learning Day - Scavenger Hunt, Blossom Transient Art, Tidying the class garden, Natural Material Mobiles

Exploring 2D and 3D Shape

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Welcome back to Spring Term 2 2016

This half term our topic is called 'Will you read me a story?'

Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad?

How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat?

We will answer these questions and more, planning from the children's interests and fascinations in this magical project all about fairy tales. The children will be introduced to the following interests and areas of learning. These will include:

  • fairy tales and traditional tales
  • goodies and baddies
  • homes and castles
  • magic and fantasy
  • writing, reading, retelling and acting out stories.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Winter Activities - Making Bird Food,Binoculars, Measuring the Penguins and finding out who is as tall as an Emperor Penguin!

Elsa has frozen the Lego People - How can we free them?

Transient Art - Creating a Winter Picture using a variety of materials

Welcome back to Spring Term 2016!


This half term our topic is called Where Does Snow Go?  This topic will stimulate children's curiosity, knowledge and imagination about snow and the winter season.  The children will drive our topic through their own fascinations and ideas as well as being introduced to the following interests and areas of learning.  These will include;

  • Exploring seasonal changes
  • Creating wintery landscapes using a variety of media and materials.
  • Investigating the properties of snow, ice and frost and further exploring melting and how to free our frozen friends. 
  • Learning about hibernation and woodland creatures during winter time.
  • Learning how to care for the birds at winter time.
  • Finding out how a range of animals have adapted to live in colder climates, such as polar bears, penguins, seals and birds and how their features help them to survive in the cold.


In R.E our area of learning is 'Special Jewish and Christian Stories'.  This unit enables the children to explore ideas about God, and investigate the Jewish and Christian stories of creation, Moses, Daniel and David & Goliath. The week beginning 8th February we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. 


In P.E we will be developing our Gymnastic skills using the floor area and large apparatus.  We will become familiar with gymnastic positions and perform sequences with control and coordination.