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PE and Swimming

’Physically educated persons are those who have learned to arrange their lives in such a way that the habitual physical activities they freely engage in make a distinctive contribution to their wider flourishing.’

James MacAllister

PE and Swimming

At Walesby, physical education is an integral part of our curriculum. It is inclusive and engages all pupils. Children develop the knowledge, skills and competence to excel in a broad range of sports and physical activities.

We aim to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that enable all children to achieve their personal best. Children participate in competitive sport and we teach them to transfer their ‘Walesby Way’ attitude to the sporting activity; ensuring they do their best and are displaying good sportsmanship. We aim for all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and be able to make informed decisions to lead healthy and active lives. Swimming is an important life skill. We aspire for all children to leave Walesby C of E Primary, being able to swim at least 25 metres.

Our children participate in high-quality PE lessons covering different sports/skills per half term.

Aut 1 - Outdoor games (e.g. netball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse)
Aut 2 - Gymnastics
Spr 1 - Dance
Spr 2 - Invasion games (e.g. football, tag rugby, hockey)
Sum 1 - Striking and fielding games (e.g. rounders, cricket) & Net/wall games (e.g. tennis, badminton)
Sum 2 - Athletics

Classes follow the PE overview to ensure pupils participate in a variety of sports and to ensure the progression of skills. Children are invited to participate in a range of sports festivals as part of the Dukeries Family of Schools. All classes participate in the Daily Mile to help students meet the 30 minutes of physical activity at school.

We provide children with opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities that are inclusive, enjoyable and increase children’s physical activity. Sports clubs. led by teachers and sports coaches, are offered to both KS1 and KS2 pupils.

At Walesby C of E Primary School, we ensure that our PE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities. Our pupils are physically active and this has positive implications on their learning in the classroom. Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of exercise. We hope children enjoy PE and develop a love of sport and physical activity and that they continue to pursue this outside of school and in future life outside of primary school. 


Swimming Provision at Walesby

We guarantee all our children will be tracked to ensure an entitlement of 20 weeks (x 45 minutes) minimum during their time at Walesby. This will take place during their time in Class Silver Birch and upwards.

Swimming sessions currently take place on a Tuesday morning from February to July.

KS2 Expectations

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • Use a range of strokes effectively e.g. front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke
  • Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations


Healthy School

Having a good understanding of what it means to have a healthy lifestyle is a vital part of your child's PE education. Children are taught about the importance of exercise and of eating a balanced diet in PE, science and PSHCE. In design and technology, we to teach the children about nutrition and learn to make different healthy meals and snacks.

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