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At Walesby, our curriculum is delivered half termly. We immerse our children in their learning through creative, cross- curricular learning opportunities, many linked to Cornerstones.


We aim to foster a life-long love of learning in all areas, through providing real life opportunities e.g. enrichment days,trips,special visitors and residential visits.


At Walesby, we want to create reflective, engaged and excited learners. Our children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions. We aim to develop them to be independent and to have a mind- set where they are able to develop their own learning further and make the links with prior learning.


Through creating these opportunities, we aim to create independent learners, creating a cycle of success. Our children are encouraged to recognise that failure and mistakes are all part of the learning process, encouraging them to take risks and develop perseverance and resiliance.

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags  1 Exploring the caves
Creswell Crags  2 Hunting with spears
Creswell Crags  3 Making a camp fire

Pet and Dinosaur Day

Pet and Dinosaur Day 1 Holding and learning about pets.
Pet and Dinosaur Day 2 Becoming Paleontologists
Pet and Dinosaur Day 3 Digging for fossils and bones

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park  1
Yorkshire Wildlife Park  2
Yorkshire Wildlife Park  3

Boggle Hole Residential

Boggle Hole Residential 1 Fossil Hunting at Boggle Hole
Boggle Hole Residential 2 Fossil Hunting at Boggle Hole

Perlethorpe Residential

Perlethorpe Residential 1 Boat Building
Perlethorpe Residential 2 Camping
Perlethorpe Residential 3 Camping

Kingswood Residential

Kingswood Residential 1 Leap of Faith
Kingswood Residential 2 Zip Wire
Kingswood Residential 3 Fencing
Kingswood Residential 4 High Wire

Experience Days

Experience Days 1 Exploring the National Space Centre
Experience Days 2 Joining the ' Home Guard'

Recycling Day at Mansfield Museum

Recycling Day at Mansfield Museum 1 Recycling Day
Recycling Day at Mansfield Museum 2 Recycling Day

Conisbrough Castle

Conisbrough Castle 1
Conisbrough Castle 2
Conisbrough Castle 3

Pirate Day

Pirate Day 1 Partake Theatre Visit
Pirate Day 2 Partake Theatre Visit
Pirate Day 3 Partake Theatre Visit