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Autumn 2 2015

Welcome back, this half term it's time to suspend your disbelief and open up your mind. We're going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island in search of the gold hidden deep in it's mysterious landscape! 

On our quest we will study maps, solve riddles and master the ancient art of alchemy. We will write stories about our magical adventures, compose stunning soundtracks and write poetry to bring this mysterious landscape to life. Along our journey we will investigate 'Do all solids dissolve? 'Are all liquids runny?' Can we clean dirty water?

In reading we will explore the magical land of Narnia in the story ' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.'

Have you got your suitcase ready? Don't forget to pack your imagination! Then let the journey begin ...


Autumn 2 2015 Newsletter

Welcome everyone to an exciting new school year.

This half term it's Ship ahoy, as we set off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew aboard HMS Beagle. We will stop at the magical Galapagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection.  We will see how animals adapt to their environment over time and meet some of the world's greatest explorers and naturalists. Do you know what's so special about a lava lizard? Or why the blue footed booby has blue feet? Join me  on this exciting journey. Sailing September 2015!


We have made careful observations and sketched teasels using pastel, charcoal and pencil.

Welcome back to an exciting Summer Term 2.

This half term, we will travel back to Roman Britain and explore why Britain was invaded & settled by the Romans and, what effects this had on the future of Britain. We will look at the rise of the Roman Empire in Britain, the opposition from the Celts, and the legacy that was left behind when they went home. We will learn to recognise and use Roman numerals and research the Roman origins of many words we use in our language today. Using our laptops, we will create a Storybook to tell the story of a Roman myth. We will also use data about the weather/climate in Rome to create a spread sheet and transfer the data to a bar graph, to analyse results. We will look at Roman Gods and enter and organise their details, onto a database.

In Art, we will research, design and make Roman mosaics and Roman pottery.

Our Science Topic this half term is ‘Good vibrations'. We will be carrying out a series of investigations, making predictions, accurate measurements, recording our data and looking for patterns. We will be exploring how to change the pitch of a sound, making and testing ear defenders, researching how different animals hear and learning about echoes and echolocation!

In English we will be taking part in the exciting 'A tale Unfolds' project, writing and producing our own film in the style of Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom.

Meeting Mr Boswell and his Vardo

Welcome back to Summer term 1

This half term our theme is 'Thrills and Spills'. During the term we will research Theme parks around the UK and decide on a local location to build a brand new park. We will write to the planning office, submit our plans and design the layout of our Theme Park. In DT we will design and make a ride for our park with moving mechanisms and in Science we will investigate what makes things move, including  exploring levers, pulleys and gears.

Please remember swimming sessions begin on Wednesday 22nd April 2015.

Operation 'Pied Piper.'

           Welcome to Spring 2  2015


This half term our topic is 'Crime and Punishment.' We will begin the Topic with an exciting visit to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham where we will experience life aboard a convict ship bound for Australia,explore the exhibits and take part in the 'Prisoners Tale' tour.

In Science, we will look closely at our eye and make a periscope.During National Science week we will become Forensic Scientists helping the C.S.I. solve a crime.

In Art and Computing, we will be busy using our new digital cameras and looking closely at the photographic work of the artist, David Hockney including his new exhibition of ipad drawings.

A closer look at our eye - pastel sketches

Welcome to Spring 1 2015

Welcome back.

This half term we will be travelling across the ocean to the Amazon Rainforest. As Explorers we will join the 'Rainforest Foundation' to investigate the importance of this ancient habitat.

We will interview local people and sit on a panel to decide if an area of the Rainforest can be cleared. We will help in their campaign to 'Save the Rainforests' including writing letters, making posters and information leaflets.

As part of their scientific team we will classify  newly discovered species, and investigate how species have adapted to their environment.

In English we will be basing our work on the following books. I hope you will enjoy reading these amazing stories.

Winter in Walesby

Autumn 2    2014

Welcome back to our new ,exciting half term.  Our topic this half term is the Aztecs. We will be exploring where they came from and comparing their way of life, customs and beliefs to our own. We will also be looking at why their society collapsed so quickly.  

In art we will be researching, designing and making Aztec masks and in music creating our own Aztec drumming music.

During the first two weeks of term,we will be thinking about the centenary of the First World War through our work in Art, PSHE, Literacy and RE.

Pencil sketches - Aztec artefacts



Please remember to bring in an old shirt or oversized teeshirt for art, thankyou. 

P.E. is every Monday and Friday afternoon.

A very big welcome back to school and Year 4 /5. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

 We have an exciting half term ahead. Our topic theme is 'Chocolate.'mmmm. We will be designing and making our own chocolate bars, looking at where chocolate comes from, finding out about Fair trade and investigating the effect sugar has on our teeth. 


Bye for now,

Mrs Taylor


Homework project

The magic hat

newsletter Autumn 1 2014

Welcome to Class 4!


Summer 2 2014             OUT OF THIS WORLD


This half term our topic is ‘Out of this World’ the year is 2050 and the children have been commissioned by the Government ministers to investigate and explore the problems and solutions that could be encountered in sending 30 people into space for five years. For the next 7 weeks, the children will become ‘Space Explorers’ and will seek information about a mysterious Planet called Earth and its Solar System. During the duration of their commission they will be given a number of   ‘Space Missions’ to complete. At the end of their mission they will present their findings to Government Ministers (parents).



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