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Autumn 2 2015



Christmas Fun!


Leading up to Christmas, our topic is Journeys.  Our journeys include a train ride, riding on a broom, travelling into space and following Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem.  We will explore these journeys through some familiar stories as shown above. 

We will be retelling the journey to Bethlehem during our class visit to Brackenhurst Environmental Education Centre on Monday 14th December.  Our day will also include making Christmas crafts using natural materials. 

Our Christmas show is called 'Shine Star Shine' and all the children have very important roles in our production.  We are looking forward to sharing our Christmas story with you.


Celebrating Diwali November 2015

Class Oak had a fabulous week celebrating Diwali.  They enjoyed making clay Divas, making Rama and Sita masks,  making and writing a Happy Diwali card, dancing in Indian costumes, making jewellery and eating coconut barfi!
Welcome back to a very busy and exciting half term.  We will begin by learning about Bonfire night and how to stay safe.   
We will follow Bonfire night with learning about the Hindu festival, Diwali.  We will be learning about the festival of light through a story called 'Lighting a Lamp'.  Our knowledge and understanding of Diwali will be enhanced through art, craft, music and cooking. 
Please follow the link below to help support your child with their letters and sounds.  Year R are revisiting Phase 1 and focusing on Phase 2 Phonics.  Year 1 are consolidating their spelling of Phase 2 captions and sentences and focusing on Phases 3 and 4.

On Thursday 22nd October a veterinary nurse came to visit

We have been learning about pets during this half term.  Today, a veterinary nurse came to visit and she shared her knowledge of how to help poorly pets.  We were all very keen to be a volunteer!

Our visit to St Edmunds Church to learn about Baptism

Class Oak Autumn Term 1 Newsletter

We hope you are all having a lovely Summer and are looking forward to starting back in Class Oak.


In Class Oak, we have a very exciting Autumn half term ahead of us.  We will begin by getting back into our school routines and expectations, and familiarising ourselves with our learning environment indoors and outside.


We will be enjoying our class topics which include Nursery Rhymes, Friendship and Pets.    At home, please talk about your favourite nursery rhymes, ready to share with your friends. 

We will begin by asking each other, Do you want to be friends? Do you want to play with me? We will explore these questions and more about friendship, being kind and working together through this topic.


In our R.E sessions, ‘Dottie and Buzz’ will help us to learn about Belonging and Harvest.  We will be inviting all parents to our Harvest Celebration at school and a date will follow shortly.  Year 1 children in Class Oak will also attend the school Harvest Festival in Church on the 9th off October.  

In P.E, we will be developing our dressing and undressing skills and finding out about the effect exercise has on our bodies.  We will be developing our gross motor and coordination skills as we use large apparatus and develop our gymnastic skills.


Welcome to Class Oak

Summer 2 2015

Information Sheet - New Starters

This year, Class Oak have thoroughly enjoyed their gardening area.  At the end of March, they planted carrots, beetroot, potatoes and beans and have enjoyed watering them and watching them grow over the past 4 months.    The children especially enjoyed showing their family what they had grown.

Here are our results!

Growing vegetables

Retell of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

In Class Oak, we have been enjoying the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.  The children have enjoyed retelling the story using 'Easi Speak' microphones and acting out the story in Mrs Grinlings kitchen.  Furthermore, we have explored how to make a bulb light up for our lego lighthouses and weaved a basket.  Outdoors, we enjoyed making a large scale lighthouse and working out how to create the wire for the basket of food to travel down. 

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Pitching a tent!

To enrich our topic of Under the Sea' we will be visiting 'The Deep' at Hull, on Wednesday 15th July.  A letter will follow shortly.


Our Summer Celebration will now be on Wednesday 22nd July at 9am in the school hall. 



We have an exciting final half term ahead of us with our topics on Under the Sea and The Seaside.

Our texts include Rainbow Fish, Commotion in the Ocean, Mr Bears Holiday, Fun at the Beach, The Sand Horse, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and the Poem 'Seaside' by Shirley Hughes.


We will be creating our very own seaside to play in  as well as enjoying an ice cream parlour, campsite and Lighthouse role -play.  In our  role-play activties we will be writing lists and postcards.


We will enjoy working together to make a large scale lighthouse and investigating how we can send Mr Grinlings basket of food from his house across to the lighthouse. 

We will also enjoy painting seaside landscapes and making our own sand sculptures.


In mathematics we will be exploring capacity with water and sand, working with money in our seaside shop and continuing to add andsubtract by counting on and back. 





Class Oak visited The Tropical Butterfly House on Thursday 7th May.  The children had a great time observing the Butterflies in the Rainforest and holding a Cockroach, Scorpion and a Tarantula!

The next day they enjoyed using natural materials to make their own symmetrical butterflies and observing snails and worms in their class minibeast garden.


Over the next 5 weeks we will be enjoying our school garden as we explore Minibeasts.  We will be encouraging snails, slugs, ladybirds and worms into our class garden area and taking a closer look at how they move, feed and their appearance. 


Our focus texts are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad Tempered Ladybird, Ladybird (non-fiction) and Life Cycle of a Butterfly.      



  Our activities include;

  • Lifecycle of a Butterfly and Ladybird
  • Ladybird addition and subtraction/doubling and halving
  • Symmetrical butterflies
  • Sorting minibeasts into different categories
  • Minibeasts Lab Role-Play
  • Creating and making our own habitats for a chosen minibeast
  • Exploring Healthy Eating linked to The Hungry Caterpillar.
  • Moving like a Minibeast in P.E/Dance

We are looking forawrd to our visit to the Tropical Butterfly House (Sheffield) on Thursday 7th May.  Our day will include an educational session, which includes handling Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches, Giant African millipedes, Vinegaroons, Stick insects, Tarantulas, and Giant African land snails.  A great lesson to get the children thinking about different types of minibeasts, where they would live, and what they might eat!


Thank you to eveyone who came to our Spring Celebration.  It was lovely to see many of you there enjoying our classroom activities.  A huge well done to all of Class Oak for their enthusiastic singing, reciting rhymes and story retelling.


Spring Term 2


Over the next 4 weeks our topic is called Once Upon a Time, with a focus on traditional stories. We will be retelling, sequencing and writing stories. Our focus stories will include, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Beanstalk.


On Monday 9th March, Class Oak visited Brakenhurst Environmental Education Centre.  They started the day with a visit to the sheep to see if any Ewe’s were due to give birth (unfortunately it was too cold for a lamb to be born!) However, they did see sheep feeding their lambs and 2 baby lambs were just 3 days old and the children had the privilege of choosing names – welcome to the world Bob and Jock!  The morning finished with making cheese.  The children worked in pairs to follow a set of instructions to make cheese using whole milk and lemon juice. The final results were impressive. 

In the afternoon the children developed their story language through the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  They helped to act out the story and had further fun making a plant pot out of newspaper and planting a bean.  During a walk back to the centre they collected objects and colours that showed signs of spring.   At the end of the day they made bookmarks using wool and choosing colours that reflected signs of spring.  A great day was had by all.  

Enjoy looking at the photographs below.


Visit to Brackenhurst Environmental Education Centre 2015

Visit to Perlethorpe Autumn 2014

Class Oak visited Perlethorpe to enrich their kowledge and understanding of their senses and to go on a Gruffalo Hunt!

We all had fun using our sense of touch on the 'blind fold trail' and using our sense of smell to make our own smelly magic potions!