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Welcome back to Autumn 2 Class Horse Chestnut.

Our learning journey this half term will take us all the way from the farm to the food that is on your plate. Hop aboard the tractor and find out where the food that we eat every day actually comes from. There might be some surprises along the way!


In Science we will be learning all about health and growth. We will take a journey together around the human body and discover some amazing facts about how incredible our bodies actually are.


In our History topic Significant People we will be finding out about Florence Nightingale. Who was she? When did she live? Why was she was so important?  We will be history detectives finding out why Florence Nightingale went to Scutari and what hospital conditions were like when she got there. Our comparison of hospitals then and now might surprise you.


As the time for celebration is fast approaching us, we will be beginning preparations for our exciting Key Stage One production A Miracle In Town. We look forward to learning new songs and character parts both in School and with you at home. Further details of our performances on 7th and 8th December will follow shortly in the weekly newsletters.

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Welcome back to Summer Term 1 in Class Horse Chestnut

This half term our theme is 'Let's Invent'. Class Horse Chestnut will be involved in lots of exciting and creative learning about inventions and famous inventors. In History we will look at the inventor George Stephenson and the first steam train journeys. In Science we will learning about our senses, taking part in simple experiments and learning to name different parts of the body. We will be experimenting with lots of different media in Art to record from first hand observation. In Music all the learning focuses around one one song called 'round and round' which is a Bossa Nova Latin style song.

Visit To Eureka! The National Children's Museum.

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